Resurrecting The Sublime

In 2019, the group of artists, Christina Agapakis, Daisy Alexandra Ginsberg and Sissel Tolaas, supported by Gingko Bioworks and IFF Inc commisioned me to create a set of soundscapes. Their concept revolved around the topic of de-extinction as well as the classical notion of the Romantic Sublime and resulted in a sound and scent installation at the St. Etienne Biennalie in 2019. The sounds were made strictly from a concrete synthesis method and in collaboration with the synthesist Tillman Schwebe, who used a mixture of analog synth modules including a Serge wave-shaping clone, noise generators and filters to re-create sounds of extinct enviroments that were described to us by the artist. In post production we used some convolution reverb to spatialize the scenes as well as 3d mixing techniques especially for use of headphones and composed to synchronize with computer simulations of the landscapes made by the digital artist/designer Anna Nicolsescu in the Unreal game engine. Below is the resulting a/v courtesy of the artist and you can read more in depth information about the project over at Daisy's website.