Frank Kolkman | Dreamachine ~ 2018

The Dreamachine was a collaboration with the Dutch experimental designer Frank Kolkman which acted as a contemporary iteration of the stroboscopic flicker device that was made by the artist Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs in the 1960s. The machine was designed by Frank and uses light refracting off motrorized crystals to create a stroboscopic effect that induces trance like states. For the project I created a generative composition consisting of 3D spatialized binaural oscillations to activate brainwaves at the alpha and theta wavelengths to induce feelings of relaxation and REM sleep amongst users. You can play with the open version of the sound engine that was written in supercollider here for 3D spatializaton I processed these using IRCAM spat and automated the positioning's relating to images of X-Ray crystalography diffraction patterns. The exhibition audio will hopefully be released fully at a later date.