Chaos In Wonderland

Chaos in Wonderland is an ongoing collaboration with the physicist James Jackson that started from a conversation about using large scale self regulating macro systems like those found in thermodynamics or meteorological weather to create a compositional device/tool. The above is a prototype of a 9-Dimensional Chaotic Attractor that was made to control the Buchla-200e synthesizer at EMS studios in Stockholm whilst composer in residence in March 2018. Technically the device creates Op-Amp regulated control voltages generated via a Baier attractor with 9 dimensions written using the C++ ODEINT library. The system incorporates 9 thermistors placed inside the interior of the Buchla via its jack holes picking up on the internal heat generated by the components. The result is a 9 dimensional self regulating system forced by infinite dimensional thermodynamic stochastic noise. The working name for the project is reference to Clifford Pickover's fractal science fiction novel, there have also been a series of performances made using a different iterations of the device in 3 dimensions and with no physical feedback.