Gann ~ 2019

Gann is the working title of a piece of audio and hyper text storytelling created by commission for the non-music label Research and Waves. The project is an outcome research into speculative chart based numerology used in trading stocks, an area of economical pseudo science made popular by the mathematician William Delbert Gann. The method became popular mainly through mutated word of mouth that Gann had a secret trading system based on ancient mathematics he had studied in India and Egypt and as a result possessed a seance like transcendent power to predict the future. Gann's manufactured legend carries on today through trading software offering a wide range of Gann products, including Fibonacci spirals and square of 9 calculators used in frequency by the modern day snake oil salesman of financial trading knowledge.

Made in collaboration with the physicist/mathematician James Jackson the resulting recording uses the Gann square of 9 method as well as a 5 dimensional Hamiltonian system to produce parameters of an FM synthesizer written in supercollider. The 5 dimensional Hamiltonian System spatializes the sound as well as defines the modulation index of the FM partials, whereas the square of 9 produces random seed variables that then choose intervals of the Super Just scale invented by computer tuned synth pioneer Wendy Carlos. The mathematical system was written in Hanoi by James Jackson, the compositional system was written in Leipzig by myself and the resulting track was generated then composed using the sound files in the music/synth concrete tradition in Wembely by Emmett Glynn and myself.

The theme of the group release was transparencies, and as a result all the re-search was partly displayed in a group show at Feld 5 Gallery Berlin, as well as performed live and included in suitable parts on this page. Special thanks to Anna-Luise Lorenz for the above artwork.