The Enometer ~ 2014

The Enometer is a prototype device that would be used by hobbyists to detect real nature in a future of synthetic biology. The concept is based on speculation by Allan Widom that bacteria can produce Electro Magnetic Frequency and be monitored via audio through the use of an induction coil. The device is pseudo scientific and the paper considered quack science.The paper in question can be found here, as well as additional reference to the paper by Luc Montagnier here.



Brian Eno faces up an I-Gem team and makes music from genetically engineered e-coli. ~ Allan Widom, Luc Montagnier and Jo Davis add BBa_ENO2400 to the bio-brick registry. ~ BBa_ENO2400 is an e-coli which promotes enhanced energy oscillations in DNA allowing EMF inductance. ~ Edgar Winter files request for comments (RFC) to Bio Brick Foundation instigating debate about possible watermark standard within bio brick sequencing. ~ Winters standard seeks inclusion of BBa_ENO2400 to all bio bricks register. ~ Debate widens.

Sound Design

The aesthetic choices were founded in the project as an entirety and are reference to 70's sound design techniques in particular the use of tape manipulation. In the form of a working prototype the sound takes on the role of the access point to the fiction. On the sonogram you can see the patterns of the tape loops going in and out of phase and reversing in sequence. This sound design was further developed for a installation at the V&A in which the focus was geared more toward an organic/systemized soundscape. See Synthetic Aesthetics. The Enometer was on show at the Royal College of Art Work In Progress in January 2014.


RCA - Work In Progress Show. 2014.