Strands ~ Jerwood Young Composers Award (2016)

The Strands Commission was a studio composition and live performance made using site specific recordings of the Earths Magnetic field, Cosmic Rays and Decametric Noise taken from the UNESCO World Heritage site Stonehenge. The sounds were collected on Monday 20th June 2016 during the the first 15 minutes of Sunrise at the Summer Solstice and then synthesized live with locational recordings from the performance venue in London. Control voltages from Cosmic Rays create undefined and truly random scales which were split out through an array of outboard modular tone generators and a feedback time delay pedal, acompnied by live improvosation using breathing techniques from Samuel S. Beckett through an Electronic Wind Instrument. The work was commissioned by Resonance Extra with the help of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and was performed & broadcast Live during Resonance's takeover of the BBC Television Tower in White City 2016.