Carsten Nicolai | Particle Noise ~ 2019

In 2019 it was a great honor to be commissioned to build a updated version of the Kabbalistic Synthesizer for the artist and tone music pioneer Carsten Nicolai. The synth was later exhibited as part of the installation Particle Noise, being used as another input source of radiation that fed into the artworks system of phase manipulation, conceptually linking, "our surrounding terrestrial and extraterrestrial environment" (Nicolai.C. 2013). The work was on display during the artist's 20 year retrospective Parallax Symmetry, at K21 Düsseldorf. Below is a 2021 video of the synth in use and you can find more information about this version of the synthesizer here .

Photo Credits: Julija Goyd, Courtesy Galerie Eigen + Art Leipzig/Berlin and Pace Gallery © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019.