Tate Tanks Haygate pos 1

Tate Tanks-Main Tank-Tate Modern-August 2012...(1/2)

As i was lucky enough to be doing the sound design for an installation in these wonderful new spaces I used the opportunity to make some SDIR's.The first is of the main Tank where i was working and the second is in the hallway leading to the Tanks and was done late at night when we had the space to ourselves. Both are in stereo at 44.1kh. Slight bit of resonant feedback on this one which is unfortunate, it is however quite easy to filter in post/eq on SD.

Download:Tate Tanks One SDIR
Haygate pos 1

Tate Tanks-Upper Hallway-Tate Modern-August 2012...(2/2)

This second space is my favourite of the two. The main tanks is far more resonant at lower frequencies but the tail in decay of this space is phenomenal and incredibly harmonic. This is by far the most interesting SDIR i have in my archive to date.

Haygate pos 1 Haygate pos 1

Download:Tate Tanks Upper Hallway SDIR