Tate Tanks

Blackwing Studios-Pepper Street-Southwark

Blackwing studios is a now derelict recording studio built into a church in Southwark. I was recently told by a friend of mine about the space and that it had been squatted by a group of German punks. I decided to see if i could make some SDIR's of their famous stone room and Hallway, both of which were used to record Depeche Mode in its hay day. The recordings have been made at 96k and are in stereo.

Haygate pos 1

Stone Room-Blackwing Studios-November 2012

This stone room was originally a separate part of the studio designed specifically for recording drums. The stones on the wall would have been carefully selected and placed to give a punchy early reflection to a live kit.The result we achieved are subtle but a good representation of this legendary room which is now in disrepair and will soon be gone...Below is an image of the room in its prime whilst the studio was still functioning.

Tate Tanks Haygate pos 1

Download:Blackwing Stone Room SDIR
Haygate pos 1

Hallway-Blackwing Studios-November 2012

The second of the two Blackwing studies we made in the hallway. The rumour has it that this hallway was used for all the Depeche Mode vocal mixes. What i noticed was a really sharp springy reflection and a sudden decay. Again this one is subtle but sometimes there the best. (Note) We were told that the white pellets on the floor were because they had just had a snow themed party a few nights before...

Haygate pos 1 Haygate pos 1

Download:Blackwing Studios-Hallway