Northern Lights Sonification~(Video Documentary/Installation)~Gwaith Swn, Arbeit Gallery, April 2013.

The Northern Lights Sonification was an artistic collaboration between Emmett Glynn and myself culminating in an expedition along with 9 M.A. architecture students from Bartlett UCL to Tromsø in northern Norway. The aims of the project were to capture the sound from the northern aurora through the building/operating of a DIY radio telescope, exhibit the telescope to E.I.S.C.A.T ‘European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association’ and learn more about the sound of the Earth’s ionosphere. The project has been exhibited as an installation in London at Gwaith Swn, Arbeit Gallery in Hackney Wick (above) and the London College of Communication graduate show both in which documentation of the trip is displayed on a monitor along with the artefacts and the radio telescope.